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Does a thief care about anyone

Other than themselves?

I do not think the point that True Blue makes is correct. In my mind an employee dipping into the till is hardly going to be thinking "They will get it back if I'm caught"" as they plan their next betting spree.

What many do however is delude themselves that they themselves will make good the balance, when they win.

Some may well do that. Others don't, or if they are slot players they will perhaps never get a chance to do so, loosing from day 1 onwards.

At the moment there is a high profile trial in Australia involving almost A$20 million bet on the ponies by a bank manager.

There is also the case of an Asian player arrested in Singapore for allegedly stealing over A$100 million most ending up on Oz baccarat tables.

Both of these cases could have been avoided if the companies concerned had chosen to be more diligent. If the money is not repaid then executives, shareholders and government's to whom tax was paid are all directly benefitting from the proceeds of crime.


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