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Originally Posted by ian View Post
Dug a little deeper into this and it appears that Britain's first casino was actually a ship on the Thames.

British Movietone News
Thu 11 Jan 1962

Item Title
Chemmy by the Thames


MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Chemmy By the Thames.
DESCRIPTION: Old Father Thames has seen a good many things in his time, but now some new goings on have started right on the bank of the river. Parliament has decreed it's legal to play chemin de fer (commonly known as chemmy), and the River Casino is the first French-style casino of the kind to open in Britain. Arriving by water as yachtsmen could do, our camera crew had come to get an impression of the scene. SHOTLIST: Key scene. LS boat. CU funnel. MS boat under bridge. GV Big Ben. MS boat on river. MS ditto. CU man's hand. MS cameraman. GV people at table. CU sign. CU money. MS man. MS six-pack shoe. MCU woman. CU woman places bet. CU man. MS man with cards. MCU man with cards. MCU man and woman. MS ditto. MS man. MS game. MS banker. MS game. MCU woman drinking.

I could not open this attachment but is this the casino on Taggs Island in the middle of the Thames near Hampton Court
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