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My first night

As of early 1983 both the casino at the Metropole Hotel and the International Sporting Club on Preston Street next door were in operation, I'm not sure when the hotel casino finally closed. The ISC had opened on April 2nd 1982 (Falklands War anyone?) and we had been in training waiting for the transfer of the license from Corals. As our gaming licenses came through one by one we were told we were going to do some odd shifts at the Hotel before the ISC opened. Hence my first night working as a dealer in 1982 was at the Metropole Hotel - I can remember them scratching at the doors in reception at five till eight while I stood trembling at the roulette table closest to them - aaagghhh!!!!!!
I do remember and often talk of the two and six chips Thorndyke mentions above - they were plum colored and each table had one stack to use as an odd 25p when coloring up. What was amazing about them was that they were made of slate, twenty seven years later, still the finest chips I have handled.
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