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Question First mention of Responsible Gambling ?

Those of you who are regular visitors to Gaming floor's websites on Pinterest, Flickr & Facebook etc... will know of my keen interest in gambling, betting and gaming history.

At the time of typing a U.S. House subcommittee will shortly this day be debating whether to reintroduce the Interstate or Federal Wire Act of 1961 and below is how the press covered it's original Presidential signing in September 1961.

H.R.707 - Restoration of America's Wire Act

It's pretty obvious that the reason such an Act was required was to cut off a very lucrative source of income for organised crime. There's no mention of protecting the vulnerable, addiction issues or encouraging responsible gambling. The Federal Government wasn't getting a cut from the activity so there really was only one course of action and that was to lop the head off the snake.

A couple of generations on attitudes have changed around the world and gambling revenues, either by direct taxation or the payment of corporate taxes have now become a massive earner for state and national governments. Because there's a downside, and although losing is never actually shown in TV commercials, punters surprise, surprise do actually lose.

Nobody of course ever wants the finger directly pointed at them so a new term had to be invented - 'Responsible Gambling' and legions of bodies and programmes have subsequently been created to help those who seemingly cannot help themselves. A search for Responsible or Problem Gambling on Google will quite easily locate your local telephone helpline or website.

So the question is...

Who invented/created the term Responsible Gambling and when?.
Was it's use first Lottery, Sports betting or casino related?

Let's see if we can pin down a date and location.
Go for it!

Responsible Gambling

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